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New Profile Posts

  1. Lord Of The Sluggies
    Lord Of The Sluggies
    Hey, there should probably be a DarkRP discord. That would be cool.
  2. Xotic_Howl
    Xotic_Howl Cake
    When i try to spawn a single weapon it says /buy has been disabled how do i enable it please help
  3. ıllı ď˅ȼя ıllı
    ıllı ď˅ȼя ıllı MaccyD
    What happened to your website?
  4. Rev
    Someone please check out my post i need help
  5. Livaco
    GLua Coder.
  6. Sir Klutch
    Sir Klutch
    Reflex, this is the "Official DarkRP Forum". Not some server.
  7. Reflex210
    trumps wall so its not my fault rethaw cant fucking hear me
  8. Reflex210
    I want to get unbanned because i was banned for mass rdm because i was killing two swat members because i thought they were part of donald
  9. Reflex210
    unban me i dont know how to make a fourm cause this site is fucking retarded
  10. Sir Klutch
    Sir Klutch
    Called Microsoft about the coffee holder not supporting the weight of my coffee cup. Turns out it was a CD tray.
  11. Clockwork Gaming
    Clockwork Gaming
    Join Clockwork
  12. MilesDaDark♐♐♐
    Please dont ban me for stupid reasons
  13. MilesDaDark♐♐♐
  14. plank - PAM
    plank - PAM
    FR tho join fuccin PAM its actually a good server it just needs members
  15. plank - PAM
    plank - PAM
    PAM roleplay neeeds people and staff so hit that server up ;)
  16. viper542
    viper542 Pab14567
    Look at me, fuck on me.
  17. Sir Klutch
    Sir Klutch
    Programmer: An orgasm that turns caffeine into software.
  18. Sir Klutch
    Sir Klutch
    Agent, this is the 'Official DarkRP Forum'. This is not a server on garry's mod.
    1. Agent Anxiety
      Agent Anxiety
      Look I know that was just a troll for my friend okay, I know XD
      Jun 29, 2017
      Sir Klutch likes this.
  19. Agent Anxiety
    Agent Anxiety
    Wanting to know how to help in anyway like either anything to help the staff or become one
  20. Communication
    1. viper542
      Jun 26, 2017
    2. Communication
      Jun 27, 2017