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Beta Build Mode - SoundCloud Support

Discussion in 'DarkRP Addon & Plugin Releases' started by n00bmobile, Feb 13, 2016.


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  1. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    When a player wants to build, well... He just wants to build! Want's more annoying than an idiot yelling at the mic and just straight up getting in your fucking way all the time? Give your builders a break! They deserve to relax with some music and feel alone for a second, with nothing more than solidless mute ghosts.

    Some of the features:​
    • Streams any choosen music from SoundCloud directly to the player who's building.​
    • Ghost feature, builders will see others and their props as ghosts. Communication is disabled.​
    • Disables weapon pickup and anything you can think of that uses the action button, using doors is allowed.​
    • Fancy texts on the builder's head and all that good stuff.​
    • Improves roleplay by giving your builders piece while doing stuff, also evades the wrong usage of job names like: OFFRP - Building...​
    • Allows the owner to configure the music playlist (soon everyone will be able to have their own playlist) and the weapons to give during building like the physgun, keys and things like that.​
    • Allows the owner to choose the command cooldown.​
    • Other cool stuff that will make you download this right now :D
    What's next?
    Playlist editor and the ability to each player have their own set of cool music, maybe optimize at least a little too?

    I've tested this more than a couple of times and I don't think there's any, feel free to report bugs!

    Where's Youtube support?
    Unfortonaly, the site that I currently use (and many others too) to stream music from youtube is very crappy. Timeouts and other kinds of shitty stuff are quite common. I'm sure SoundCloud is enough, you'll think that too after using it.

    Special thanks to XxLMM13xXgaming™ (STEAM_0:0:90799036) and HunterRP (STEAM_0:1:53274168) for helping me test.

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    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
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  2. Snugzz™

    Snugzz™ New Member

    Great concept! Removes the abusiveness of it by allowing the owner of the server to choose a cooldown command therefore removing the people that are about to be raided and just collecting all of their printers!
  3. EgN| Danker Pepers

    EgN| Danker Pepers New Member

    whats the command to start building?
  4. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

  5. Can you add support to use a radio like ggradio. :3
  6. Gh0stnelax[SA]

    Gh0stnelax[SA] New Member

    Since you are back and making addons, can you add a option in game such as a command that allows you to hear certain people (i.e the people you are building with) but not hear the rest?
  7. The WoWNerd

    The WoWNerd New Member

    Can we add like a optional build timer, so you can only be in build mode for the given amount of time
  8. ScoutMC

    ScoutMC Member

    Could you please add it so it sets their job to a configurable job? And give them noclip 'til the come off build mode also give them god and when they go off build mode [kill them so they go to spawn]

    This will be a gread addition thanks for reading

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