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ExampleGaming | DRUGS | TDM | M9K | WIRE | RPG | LVL | CUSTOM

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by System, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. System

    System Active Member


    • Clickable Image
      • DarkRP
      • 24 Slot
      • We're currently looking for staff
      • Some Stuff we got on the server
      • DRUGS & LOTS OF 'EM
      • ARC Bank
      • Bank Robbery
      • Casinos (Texas Hold 'em, 21, One Armed Bandit, Roulette)
      • Custom Stuff
      • Loggings
      • Events
      • M9K
      • TDM
      • Inventory
      • Surrender
      • DarkRPG2
      • Pointshop
      • Pac3
      • Organisations
      • VC Mod
      • Wiremod
      • Thirdperson Option
      We're always open for discussions of improvement
      2 Years Developer of QGMod #8 DarkRP Server in EU

      Greetings & Welcome
      Best Regards - ExampleGaming Owners & Developers
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
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  2. [XRAY]Blake

    [XRAY]Blake Active Member

    Actually looks pretty interesting. The forums look superb too.
  3. System

    System Active Member

    Map Change & New Drug Mod (Enchanted Meth Lab)
  4. twitchyb1t

    twitchyb1t Member

    haha this is nice I have ideas and shares that may beable to help you out for free add me on steam @ Twitchyb1t i have similar if not more addons for you
  5. System

    System Active Member

    More Tweaking has been done.
  6. System

    System Active Member

    Wiremod is no longer premium only.
  7. Colefrick

    Colefrick Member

    Very interesting.... The name is pretty funny :D
  8. System

    System Active Member

    Updated slots =)
  9. JacobRocks12

    JacobRocks12 Member

    Looks great :) Im joining
  10. System

    System Active Member

    Poking it since we're back :)
  11. System

    System Active Member

  12. viper542

    viper542 Active Member

    Ey, it's that overused DarkRP map that every server uses
  13. System

    System Active Member

    We personally hate it but the community of darkrp seems to love it haha
    V33x is more my type of map.
  14. Tomelyr

    Tomelyr Active Member

    rp_flatgrass anyone?
  15. viper542

    viper542 Active Member

  16. System

    System Active Member

  17. viper542

    viper542 Active Member

    Pretty sure it's called a bump
  18. System

    System Active Member

    If i want to poke my server i poke it, bumping it is oldschool :p
  19. Code Zero

    Code Zero New Member

    This server seems pretty good. I see couple of people on it everytime I look at it, I just never join it because I don't like playing on servers that much. What I mean is I would like to, but I got work and some more important stuff going on in my life, If I ever get a change I will hop on.
  20. System

    System Active Member


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