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New Profile Posts

  1. Dr. farts
  2. KrypticWare
    KrypticWare # VALERY
    Do you know anything about CW2 and M9k Ammo
  3. Sir Klutch
    Sir Klutch
    Just popping in to say hi and hope everyone has been doing good. Alright, I am done. Goodbye!
  4. Quangasaurusrex
  5. Thegreengab
    Making stuff in lua...
  6. Lechu x rice defender
  7. AustriaYT1236
    Owner from [GER]USA LIFE
  8. [L²:RP] Vimpto
  9. Christopher 2
    Christopher 2 Nobody 2
    Omg nobody its been so long im chris idk if u remember me but i was vip and admin on ur server its been so long im back and ready to head back in ur server is it like dead now or what?
  10. # VALERY
    # VALERY
    1. ErrO likes this.
  11. DaViCyYo
  12. George
    Looking for a developer for a SWRP Server
  13. WhiteHat
    WhiteHat n00bmobile
    Hi, I was wondering if you could give me a copy of your cellmod. As the link for download on github has 404'ed. I really like what you did and I want to use it too.
  14. Zedan_Man
    Looking For A Darkrp Dev :P
  15. bruce thug
    bruce thug
    please set superadmin me is actif
    1. ıllı ď˅ȼя ıllı
      Dec 13, 2017
  16. yomoms01002
  17. yomoms01002
  18. Sir Klutch
    Sir Klutch
    Yes, Lord Of The Sluggies. That is exactly what Falco needs! A discord where people could bother him even more. Lol @(FPtje) Atheos
  19. Lord Of The Sluggies
    Lord Of The Sluggies
    Hey, there should probably be a DarkRP discord. That would be cool.
    1. anas ellemti
      anas ellemti
      are you talking in general or just to a community
      Dec 15, 2017
    2. Lord Of The Sluggies
      Lord Of The Sluggies
      in general, there's already a /r/darkrp discord which is close enough
      Dec 22, 2017
  20. Xotic_Howl
    Xotic_Howl Cake
    When i try to spawn a single weapon it says /buy has been disabled how do i enable it please help