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A 100% Custom DarkRP Wilderness . Level . Beta

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Murr, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Murr

    Murr New Member

    Hello I am Murr.
    I am the only owner and coder of the server mentioned above.
    I am releasing the server in an early stage to see if there is an audience for such an exquisite server.

    This server contains the following:
    • no scriptfodder
    • a classic darkrp experience
    • no props or bases
    • constant action
    • complete freedom
    You spawn in Evocity v33x in the middle of a war. You may choose between the Combine or Rebellion. As the Rebellion, you can grow, cook, scavenge, steal, or murder the mayor for income and experience. You will make more money combining ingredients scattered across the map than sitting in your home growing. Every door can be pick locked or warranted. The Mob Boss sells pick locks. The Mayor and Chief handles warrants. The Gun Dealer sells heavy weapons while the Gang Supplier sells light weapons. The Mayor and Mob Boss are demoted on death and the killer is rewarded with experience.
    As the Combine, you conduct raids with your fellow pigs to control the Rebellion. All it takes is a warrant to get inside and a wanted sign to arrest them. Steal the contraband or return it to the Nexus for a cash reward.

    1. Extremely Strict Roleplay Experience
    2. Do not go outside the map.
    3. No Cheating.
    As you level up, you gain health and armor and access to various npcs across the map. Higher level npcs will sell you expensive useful contraband. Contraband has a chance to drop unique drugs that can to be delivered to the npcs for cash or combined with other various ingredients.

    pure roleplay, making money is hard, guns are expensive, afking at base is risky, no props, no pussy rules, no 300 jobs, no retards flying around, if you die plan your revenge or cry, trucks for transport, get rich buy guns level up buy cars earn respect retire.


    Thanks for reading,
    There is a lot more content on the way.
    Please leave constructive criticism.

    20170108150409_1.jpg 20170108150512_1.jpg 20170108151026_1.jpg 20170108153704_1.jpg
  2. MaccyD

    MaccyD Member


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