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[AN] Adrenaline Networks [Semi-Serious] [CityRP]

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by WilliamFarmery10, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. WilliamFarmery10

    WilliamFarmery10 New Member


    we are a Semi-Serious City RP server that is currently in Early Access, however our developers have worked countless hours making new content, building the game mode up from its roots, creating our own Administration Systems, and having completely custom content. Unlike other DarkRP servers, we strive upon Communities input - and we can proudly say that we ARE Semi-Realistic. With suits, citizen models, weapons on back systems, crafting mechanics, Custom Photon vehicles, custom weapons, everything was re-worked on and redesigned to be completely different to what you would see on the normal 'Semi Serious' community

    Our staff are hand picked, they are trained, and with our hand built Administration System, they have many commands that are able to deal with users accordingly, such as a blacklist system. They are also very friendly, and can boost role play potential - You wont meet a better team then what we have here.

    Role play Points
    If you role play and it grabs the communities attention, you will receive a 'role play' point, which allows you to unlock more tools to enhance the roleplay more.

    Unlimited role play potential
    Players have a wide variety of content to work with in order to create amazing role plays and events within our server, with access to multiple props, vehicles, weapons and entities there truly is unlimited role play potential.

    Be sure to visit our forums (http://adrenalinenetworks.net/forums/index.php) and connect to our servers, as we have many updates in the works and multiple events going on soon.

    Click the button to join our servers!

  2. [L²:RP] Zonamann

    [L²:RP] Zonamann New Member

    This is a very good server! +Support
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