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Anti Cheat

Discussion in 'Player General Chat' started by Anon Hova, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Anon Hova

    Anon Hova New Member

    Does anyone know of any good Anti Cheats, my server is currently using SimpLAC and it isn't doing its job very well.
    It really sucks that cac is dead

    (im not sure where I should've posted this, sorry if its in the wrong place)
  2. Claims

    Claims New Member

    Most simple way would be running SimpleLAC for easy cl Lua cheats, then use screengrabber to catch engine inject cheaters. Unless you have alot of money to waste for a custom cheat system that can detect suspicious users. However, using screengrabber will give you the best judgment, then let every admins have access to it.

    Edit: Cake (cac) was never a good cheat system. We used screengrabber to block out real dangerous cheaters, cac only banned the client cheaters.

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