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Release Bank Robbery System

Discussion in 'DarkRP Addon & Plugin Releases' started by n00bmobile, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. I cant get it to spawn in my game, i did change some things, but I just want to spawn it in PD on the regular darkrp map
  2. [FakerRP]Jim Raynor

    [FakerRP]Jim Raynor New Member

    any way to turn the siren into some intense music instead of the siren?
  3. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    Just replace siren.wav with another sound with the same name.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 4, 2016 ---
    Using Linux? Any lua errors? Does it say anything on the chat?
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016
  4. ZombieSgt

    ZombieSgt Member

    Code (Text):

                ["Cops"] = {TEAM_POLICE, TEAM_SWAT, TEAM_CHIEF, TEAM_SSNIPER, TEAM_SCHIEF, "Police Officer", "S.W.A.T", "Civil Protection Chief", "S.W.A.T Sniper", "S.W.A.T Chief" },
                ["Bankers"] = {TEAM_BANK, "Banker"},
                ["Robbers"] = {TEAM_CHICKEN, TEAM_SENPAI, TEAM_THIEF, TEAM_PTHIEF, TEAM_MAFIA, TEAM_MOBBOSS, TEAM_GANGSTER,  "Giant Chicken", "Senpai", "Thief", "Pro Thief", "Mafia", "Mob Boss", "Gangster" },

    This is what I have for the banker script, but it keeps telling me there is not enough cops and bankers
  5. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    You can't use TEAM_ENUMS here, you need to use their display names.
  6. [THC] Marson

    [THC] Marson New Member

    I added the names of the jobs but for some reason they are still not able to rob it as them. Did I mess something up in the code?

    ["Cops"] = {"Civil Protection", "Civil Protection Chief", "Secret Service", "Swat", "Swat Leader", "Swat Sniper"},
    ["Bankers"] = {"Bank Guard"},
    ["Robbers"] = {"Mob boss", "Gangster", "Master Thief", "Thief", "Terrorist", "Terrorist Leader"},
  7. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    No, you didn't. Make sure the names are very exact, you can't miss a single uppercase/lowercase letter. Also, if you're not getting lua errors then what type of message are you getting? "Not enough Cops/Bankers" or "You can't rob as..."?
  8. KMA

    KMA New Member

    Well i cant seem to find it can there be some erros on the Linux server platform?
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 9, 2016 ---
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2016
  9. creator_2013

    creator_2013 New Member

    Have a bug, when a mape cleanup comes then the vault dissappear.
  10. Pab14567

    Pab14567 Well-Known Member

    cause you cleaned up the map ?
    n00bmobile likes this.
  11. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    You took the words out of my mouth.
    Pab14567 likes this.
  12. creator_2013

    creator_2013 New Member

    I think, I wasn't at the vault but it disappeared. I think it was the map cleanup. (I have saved the vault with the console command)
  13. Reverse

    Reverse Member

    I use this on my server now, works flawlessly and is far more simple than paid robbery systems.
  14. Nagisa Momoe

    Nagisa Momoe Member

    You don't say :v
    Btw noob if you are still working on this I have a suggestion to make the robbery done and drop a money stack instead of direct money to the robber, like the money stack (or make it suitcase) must be take to somewhere or must be break by a swep or another ent,...
    It's kinda hard but you can choose not to do it, yeah
  15. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    I don't pretend messing with this much more. I'm planning on making a more "realistic" alternative version soon.
  16. Nagisa Momoe

    Nagisa Momoe Member

    Oh ok cool
  17. Peachy

    Peachy New Member

    Hey man how come when I try to spawn it in, It says the model is blacklisted. I went into console and type fpp_removeblockedmodel "models/props/cs_assault/moneypallet" and it said it removed it from the blacklist but it still wont spawn because it says it's still blacklisted.
    Edit: Never mind I turned my blacklist into a whitelist, then I spawned it and then i reversed back to blacklist.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2016
  18. TheNordicGamer

    TheNordicGamer New Member

    How do i spawn it??
  19. /JW/M1sterJester

    /JW/M1sterJester New Member

    When I use it, it stays at $0?
  20. DetectiveMelon

    DetectiveMelon New Member

    Hey n00b, im trying to add this to my server. Whenever I add a new group to the "robbers" category, it still says that i cant rob the bank as any of the new jobs. I also cant seem to set the bank position with BankRSSave

    UPDATE- I have just discovered that none of my configuration changes seem to be taking any effect whatsoever
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2016

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