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Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Chippy, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Chippy

    Chippy New Member

    Hello. recently me and my friend have started a new darkrp server: ChipsRP, We managed to gather the money for the host and addons, and just opened yesterday and would be epic if we had a tiny bit of players come in though. we have printers,casino,unbox{not set up},farming,and slots, and meth and everything you would want in one server, For someone who doesnt play darkrp alot the download would be kinda big. but for a old darkrp player they would have most of the addons and join straight away, Unlike other servers we are recruiting active staff as we really need them. Me and the other owners are respected and wont interfere with your RP in any way.
    The IP is joins are really welcome!
    <3 thanks
  2. UnknownRaz

    UnknownRaz Member

    Might wanna organize your thread and post some pictures and more information regarding website/discord and so on.
    This looks so unprofessional and wouldn't make me wanna join because it proves you didn't even bother putting effort into this.
    Just a friendly advice mate.

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