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Cops and Robbers: GTA-Style Mission-Based DarkRP

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by bald bull, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. bald bull

    bald bull New Member

    Garry's Mod Cops and Robbers is a new server running a ground-up overhaul of DarkRP. This modification aims to make the game much more interactive, fast-paced, and just downright more fun from the usual "basewars with some /ooc admin abuse" monotony that is most current DarkRP servers. It also strives to be as autonomous as possible, so less people whining in global about RDM or police brutality etc.

    Before I go into detail, let me begin by saying this is NOT a roleplay server. If you want to roleplay, look elsewhere.

    The game is split up into two jobs. Civilians and Law Enforcement.

    Rather than fragment the civilian into many different jobs like gun dealer, drug dealer, cook, etc. I have decided to make the civilian a catch-all team. You can make money doing honest work like being a medic, metalworking, manufacturing goods, farming, becoming a taxi driver, or striking it big in the lottery. Or you can make money through less legitimate means, like armed robberies, vehicle exportation, selling weapons or running narcotics. Civilians are given wanted levels when they commit crimes, so fights with police and car chases are an inevitability for the unscrupulous businessman.


    Civilians can also take a more "traditional", passive DarkRP style of money making such as printing money or growing narcotics, with the former being less lucrative than the latter. Drugs can be grown outside, harvest and sold to make serious money. But as they're out in the open, Cops are bound to get nosy. So you'll have to defend your frontier with as much fire power as you possibly can.


    Law Enforcement aim to stop the bad guys causing trouble in Rockford. Cops can issue tickets to people committing petty crime, or they can subdue the more cutthroat criminals with lethal force. Whenever Cops subdue a criminal, they will earn progress toward their current rank, allowing them to be issued with higher-grade weapons and better vehicles. Cops can drop in rank and demote by killing civilians, killing fellow Officers, or killing the less dangerous criminals.


    When criminals are arrested, they are sent to jail. Jail time increases depending on how much and the severity of crimes you commit. Each jail visit has a minimum sentence. Once this has been served, you are eligible for an early release by paying your bail, or you can wait out the remainder of your term.

    Jail is a rough place, so fights are bound to break out! Defend yourself on the inside or you'll end up someone's bitch.


    Our donation system is aimed to be as non-intrusive and non-P2W as possible. All activities, jobs, missions, etc. are available for both donators and non-donators. Our current only donation perk currently are supply crate unboxes. These can be bought with donuts, our in-game donator currency, and can contain useful loot like weapons, drugs, lottery tickets, or (much rarer) hats, OR (much rarer), unusual hats. Most effects from TF2 are supported, and they look pretty sick.


    Or, if you're a more humble player, you can sell them to other players weighed down by their own vanity.


    That's was our brief intro, but this was only the surface of what our server has to offer. Please join us at I am very much looking forward to seeing your guys's feedback, so please tell me what you think/what you like/what you don't like/your suggestions.

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