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Custom commands

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by Киса ^_^, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Киса ^_^

    Киса ^_^ New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I need some help with creating custom comand on my server.
    So.. this command should work ONLY with player name.. For example "/invite [name]"

    Now this code looking like this..
    Code (Text):
    local function MZ_Inv(ply, team)
        if (string.sub(text, 1, 10) == "/invite_mz") then
            if team
            if ply:Team() == "TEAM_DR" or ply:Team() == "TEAM_DR1" or ply:Team() == "TEAM_MoH"
                    print("Hello. You have been invited to the Ministry of Health care" -- idk :D

    hook.Add("PlayerSay", "MZ_Inv", MZ_Inv)
    I need that player MUST insert nick of the player before "/invite" -> "/invite [name]"
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  2. # VALERY

    # VALERY Member

    This example should help you

    Code (Text):

    local function PM(ply, args)
        local namepos = string.find(args, " ")
        if not namepos then
            DarkRP.notify(ply, 1, 4, DarkRP.getPhrase("invalid_x", "argument", ""))
            return ""

        local name = string.sub(args, 1, namepos - 1)
        local msg = string.sub(args, namepos + 1)

        if msg == "" then
            DarkRP.notify(ply, 1, 4, DarkRP.getPhrase("invalid_x", "argument", ""))
            return ""

        local target = DarkRP.findPlayer(name)

        if target then
            local col = team.GetColor(ply:Team())
            local pname = ply:Nick()
            local col2 = Color(255, 255, 255, 255)
            DarkRP.talkToPerson(target, col, "(PM) " .. pname, col2, msg, ply)
            DarkRP.talkToPerson(ply, col, "(PM) " .. pname, col2, msg, ply)
            DarkRP.notify(ply, 1, 4, DarkRP.getPhrase("could_not_find", tostring(name)))

        return ""
    DarkRP.defineChatCommand("pm", PM, 1.5)
  3. # VALERY

    # VALERY Member

    What? No, this is pm (personal message) function from DarkRP core. You can create your own command by looking how it was done there.
  4. Киса ^_^

    Киса ^_^ New Member

    I know. I just try to rewrite this

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