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Custom Models are Stuck in the T Position

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by Lord Queequeg, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. Lord Queequeg

    Lord Queequeg New Member

    I created a custom job using custom models and for some reason, the playermodels are stuck in the infamous T-pose. I am using all the correct directories but i keeps on happening. The custom models I am using are from the Metropolice Pack v5.
  2. viper542

    viper542 Active Member

    You probably copy and pasted the npc model instead of the playermodel.
  3. Lord Queequeg

    Lord Queequeg New Member

    The exact directory is "models/dpfilms/metropolice/elite_police.mdl", what could I have done wrong?
  4. Lord Queequeg

    Lord Queequeg New Member

    And there is no such thing as an NPC model
  5. shameful

    shameful Member

    There are NPC (regular) models.
    There are playermodels.
    They are different things.

    When using the MetroPolice addon. There is a playermodels directory.
    By entering the playermodels directory, you can find. Well. playermodels.

    Now that you know the directory, you can throw this into your jobs.lua in your darkrpmodifaction addon, under the job you want to have the model.
    Code (Text):

    model = {
    Stop being so pretentious.
  6. System

    System Active Member

    Should've ignored the code string so he could learn it the hard way like some people prefeer to do for some odd reason.
  7. shameful

    shameful Member

    Sometimes the only way people learn is by doing it themselves, which is what I often have to do.
    As in, doing it myself to properly embed it into my memory for future reference, but people are lazy asses and want work done for free.
  8. System

    System Active Member

    Thats the main reason do not give them the full code. just the guidelines
    If you see an attempt but not something successfull they've still attempted to learn.
  9. shameful

    shameful Member

    It's like cheating in class.

    Getting the answers won't get you jack shit other than the answers, you'll be fucked if you try and do anything else.
    Learn how it works, or show that you at least understand the basics and want to learn, then you'll get help.
    If we never handed out answers, and only help, we'd only piss people off.

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