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DarkRP 2.5.0 will be released 4th October

Discussion in 'DarkRP News and Announcements' started by computer22, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. computer22

    computer22 Community Staff Staff Member Server Owner

    Hey DarkRP Folks,

    @(FPtje) Atheos will release DarkRP 2.5.0 on the 4th October. Support for DarkRP 2.4.3 will be dropped the same day. DarkRP 2.5.0 is to DarkRP 2.4.3 what GMod 13 is to GMod 12.

    Release Announcement

    Exactly, everything will break. You have two choices:
    1. Start moving to DarkRP 2.5.0. You can do this before or after the release.
    2. Stick with 2.4.3. forever. Until October 4th I will accept bug reports for version 2.4.3 of DarkRP. After that you will need to support and fix everything yourself.

    Now as I said, shit will break with DarkRP 2.5.0. Your custom shipments and jobs will still work, IF YOU MOVE THEM TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

    You should not edit DarkRP core files. With DarkRP 2.4.3 you are allowed to edit addentities.lua, config.lua and files like that. In DarkRP 2.5.0. you are to keep your dirty fingers off these files. I will hate you if you modify DarkRP by messing with the core files. Even the files that you could previously edit are NOT to be touched anymore.

    Instead there's something WAY better. It's a special addon in which you put all your custom shit.
    You will be able to mod EVERYTHING in DarkRP with that addon. If you can NOT modify DarkRP without editing core files, you can open a issue on github or discuss the missing functions/hooks here on the forums. Make sure you prefix it with the [MODIFICATION] tag, though.

    More information about migrating can be found here:


    • New and recoded F1 menu with chat command searching
    • New and recoded F4 menu in which you can add your own tabs and which doesn't lag when you open it
    • Piss easy to translate DarkRP with the addon. Just copy a file and start translating.
    • Update DarkRP without problems. No more merge conflicts because you're not touching the DarkRP files.
    • Shitloads faster
    • ALL of the available functions and hooks are documented on the wiki.
    • Super recode. Everything is tidied up.

    Coming along with the DarkRP 2.5.0 release, we've created a forum which you are currently browsing. To support the community and give it a centralized place to exchange questions/answers but also for modders to show off their stuff.
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  2. ikoN

    ikoN New Member

    Is it safe to continue using existing database from 2.4? Or is it best to start a fresh one?
  3. (FPtje) Atheos

    (FPtje) Atheos Main Developer Staff Member

    It is safe.
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  4. AJ-

    AJ- New Member

    A well needed make-over, and the new file structure makes it easier to work with. Looking forward to the proper release :)
  5. (FPtje) Atheos

    (FPtje) Atheos Main Developer Staff Member

    Do not edit DarkRP core files. You should have nothing to do with those file structure.
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  6. [DG] Dr. CookieCaster

    [DG] Dr. CookieCaster Member Server Owner

  7. computer22

    computer22 Community Staff Staff Member Server Owner

  8. Scottie

    Scottie ~ Ent:King Dev ~ Contributor

    You can use SVN to pull GIT.
  9. computer22

    computer22 Community Staff Staff Member Server Owner

    I am aware of that. :)
  10. Kazuya Mishima

    Kazuya Mishima New Member

    Is there any advantage to downloading the GIT client over just pressing the download zip button on the github page?
  11. computer22

    computer22 Community Staff Staff Member Server Owner

    Good question. To be honest, it shouldn't matter much anymore as you're not going to modify any core files. However, keep in mind that Git updates might be faster, especially if you can do them on the server directly. Overall probably a question for @(FPtje) Atheos .
  12. Kazuya Mishima

    Kazuya Mishima New Member

    Great, thanks for the quick reply!
    The OP says the release will be on the 4th of next month.
    I have downloaded the zip from https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP/tree/refactor
    Everything seems to be working fine.
    What will change on the 4th?
    Is it safe for me to start adding custom content now or should I wait until the official release date?
  13. computer22

    computer22 Community Staff Staff Member Server Owner

    Hello Kazuya,

    while I can not guarantee for it, it's most likely just bugfixes to come until the 4th October. I don't think that the customization stuff will be changed heavily. However, you should definitely keep your DarkRP up-to-date.

    Best of luck with modifying the gamemode. Let us/Falco know when you're missing something. Do not modify the core ;) (We can't stress this enough)
  14. Scottie

    Scottie ~ Ent:King Dev ~ Contributor

    I hate- let me bold this out. HATE git client. Haha.
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  15. Kazuya Mishima

    Kazuya Mishima New Member

    Thanks again Hoeffner, I haven't released my server yet so converting won't be a pain for me.
    After reading the readme in the zip, it is made clear that it's a big no-no to touch those core files.
    (I laughed hard when i read how (FPtje) Atheos worded his warning).

    @Scottie: That download zip button is pretty sweet, I gotta say :D
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2013
  16. MLBBear

    MLBBear New Member

    Excuse me, but I have a question. How do I use "GIT' to put the files onto my server. Keep in mind my server is hosted using a server host that I pay for which has access to all server commands.
  17. Bo98

    Bo98 Moderator Staff Member Contributor

    If your server host doesn't provide it then there's not much you can do. A lot of hosts seem to only offer SVN for some reason so you can use that. If your host doesn't offer either, you could pull it from Git on your own computer and upload it, though with 2.5.0 you should be using the modification addon so the need for Git or SVN is lesser than what it was. ZIPs will usually suffice now as you shouldn't be editing core files. Just stay up-to-date and update it periodically by simply replacing the gamemode in your gamemodes folder with the latest version.
  18. (FPtje) Atheos

    (FPtje) Atheos Main Developer Staff Member

    To quote Linus Torvalds
    "You're stupid and ugly"
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  19. (FPtje) Atheos

    (FPtje) Atheos Main Developer Staff Member

    It is safe, but do it in the DarkRPMod addon
  20. (FPtje) Atheos

    (FPtje) Atheos Main Developer Staff Member

    Depends on how you update the server.
    If you update the server with zip files, you might as well download the zip, immediately put it on the FTP and unpack it. That would be faster than using a versioning client. That's one of the benefits when you don't edit DarkRP core files.
    If you're a drunk donkey on crystal meth and change DarkRP core files against all warnings, not using version control would make you the dumbest ass on earth.
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