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DarkRP 2.6.2 has been released!

Discussion in 'DarkRP News and Announcements' started by Bo98, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Bo98

    Bo98 Moderator Staff Member Contributor

    After about a month of beta testing on GitHub, 2.6.2 is now out of beta and pushed to the Workshop.

    Main changes include:
    • Made DarkRP CAMI compatible. This will make DarkRP integrate with other admin mods than FAdmin when they also start supporting CAMI.
      • Not all admin mods have full support yet so keep an eye on them for updates. Namely, ULX supports CAMI serverside but not clientside.
      • If you are a developer and are interested in integrating it into your own admin mod, or are interested in using CAMI privileges, check out the documentation comments in sh_cami.lua.
    • Made DarkRP's privileges (in CAMI, but visible in FAdmin) more fine grained, giving the server owner more decision power as to which usergroups can do what with DarkRP.
    • Changed a lot of "rp_xxxx" console commands to "DarkRP xxxx" concommands and "/xxxx" chat commands. Some of those commands changed name. You will be notified of this when you try to use the old command.
    Full list of changes since last Workshop update.
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  2. (FPtje) Atheos

    (FPtje) Atheos Main Developer Staff Member

    A month already? God damn. That crash issue really held it back.
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  3. Matrix 2

    Matrix 2 Member

    How do i get this version? (I don't like the 2.7 Update)

    Anyone... Link for Github to download this?

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