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DarkRP: Add postLoadCustomDarkRPItems

Discussion in 'Development Stream' started by Bot, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Bot


    By: Kefta
    Add postLoadCustomDarkRPItems

    I am writing an entity for DarkRP that can only be registered after all teams have been loaded. This is not guaranteed by
    a loadCustomDarkRPItems hook due to unpredictable hook ordering. Though a timer would work, I also want the entity to be registered by the time map entities are loaded so I don't have to do extra hacks to recreate them after InitPostEntity.

    GAMEMODE -> self when passing to hook.Call to support custom GAMEMODE tables (``GAMEMODE.DarkRPFinishedLoading(MY_CUSTOM_GM_TABLE)`` or ``local GM = setmetatable({}, {__index = GAMEMODE}) GM:DarkRPFinishedLoading()``). This should really be done across the entire gamemode.

    Detailed information on Github

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