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DarkRP assistance (lua related)

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by ichickenwafflei, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. ichickenwafflei

    ichickenwafflei New Member

    Hello you guys! so I am having some issues with my server and just in general some addons/darkrp lua files themselves.
    the path for dconfig is basically gmod/data/darkrpmasterconfig
    1. I have two addons installed dconfig/darkrpadvancedmayor
    - Within dconfig if you guys are familiar with it, it just makes job creation/shipments/organization tabs/ammo creation much simpler and easier to do.
    - advancedmayor basically gives the mayor the ability to set taxes it also gives him access to his own gui to purchase weapons and you can do tasks that appear on screen to either help grow the economy or decrease the economy through his actions he chooses.

    2. My issue I have is
    - within dconfig there's a job created named Mayor of course, TEAM_MAYOR if you must know and well he also has a check box when creating the job to have "Mayor" abilities. I'm not sure if this overrides the default mayor class but I forgot how I removed the basic default jobs & well I believe I ran into a bigger issue?
    - advancedmayor the F7 key to have opened his gui menu no longers works and I think that maybe since I created a new mayor job everything broke and is no longer working
    - since I created jobs within this new script "Dconfig" when I had made doorgroups in the darkrp modification it seems that none of the jobs I have listed within the file work, I can't lock or unlock doors for the groups I have in there.

    My questions:
    1. Will I need to transfer the jobs created within that dconfig script into the default jobs for the doorgroups to work?
    2. If I disable the jobs in the darkrpmodification (there's the default civil protection:true/false etc etc) does that mean that the jobs within dconfig will no longer get their addons? https://gyazo.com/691b9c1eee0830999d05a494d138143b not really sure about this but I asked the dev, just waiting for a response. pls tho answer if you can.
    3. Did I fuck everything up...?

    if anyone can get back to me that would be helpful or if there's any further information you need lemme know.

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