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Discussion in 'DarkRP Addon & Plugin Releases' started by Claims, May 13, 2018.

  1. Claims

    Claims Member

    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  2. # VALERY

    # VALERY Member

    This is how all type of line HUDs have to look.
    I really hope you will continue working on new HUDs with new cool design :p
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  3. Charlie Irwin

    Charlie Irwin New Member

    And to think I bought a hud from Gmodstore very similar to this.. I should have looked here first. It looks great!
  4. Claims

    Claims Member



    Whats new:
    • Lockdown.
    • Lockdown bar.
    • Border line.
    • Fonts
    • Options to colorize.
    • Some minor GUI / UI changes.
    • Serverside files, protections for clienthookers.


    upload_2018-11-13_1-28-27.png upload_2018-11-13_1-28-36.png upload_2018-11-13_1-29-20.png
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  5. The Postal Dude

    The Postal Dude New Member

    Looks like a collection of leaks and scripthooked server content.

    The door display is an old scriptfodder addon.
    I recognize the confirmation popup.
    The HUD Bar is scripthooked from another server which probably modified it themselves from the Blackline HUD from gmodstore.
    Player display is also not original, the hitmenu does look self-made (At least I have never seen it before)
    The mic/typing.. icons above the head are also not original, I recognize them from superiorservers.

    IF this is all however original (Just realised post is quite old) Good work, you've seem to made a lot of server owners happy :)
  6. Claims

    Claims Member

    Thanks for the review, and yes its copied. Just how DarkRP are nowdays, eveyrone coping everyone, and for the bar hud, yes it exists on some server. I took a look into blackline, and its black magic how its code, if you try to compare the codes you will notice its impossible. If so, I would at least face gms ban for leaking copyrighted code.

    The mic/typing is copied from SUP. Pleas mark supseriosservers use a custom gamemode, so in order to scripthook from the server and get it to work on darkrp, you need to redo the entire values and way it impeded. In general a fully working HUD from sup will not work on darkrp, unless you have access to their gamemode and drm. (I have been playing with their leak) it works if you setup correctly, pleas mark: Running this as a server is a bad idea, outdated and super stupid.

    Overall, everything is copied in someway. But I can assure you the code is fully made by me, and not from others (some help) but the code / script belongs to me.

    Pleas send me PM if you want this, I'm gonna upload it soon (sorry for the delay) been busy with life.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 29, 2019 ---
    Download URL link added
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  7. Brett

    Brett New Member

    Hey whats with that checker box texture in the top left corner?
  8. Claims

    Claims Member

    Materials not either added or founded, dont mind the purple square in the photo, just me being lazy to add a image there when taking the photo
    Brett likes this.
  9. ABADON!

    ABADON! New Member

    dont work v2
  10. Claims

    Claims Member

    Look in discord, you told me. I provide you a fix, send me a DM.
    To everyone else, i know the hud is buggy and outdated. I will provide fix for you, but don't nag :)

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