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Darkrpvar return nill serverside

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by ✪ DeviX, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. ✪ DeviX

    ✪ DeviX New Member

    Hello guys,

    i've little strange problem, i've a script on my server but it doesn't work since i've update darkrp. i think that i've fund the problem but it is really strange.
    I set DarkRPVar on serverside, the DarkRPVar is well recovered clientside but on serverside it return me nill.

    code that set DarkRPVar :
    Code (Text):
    function DarkRP.retrievePlayerLevelData(ply)
            if not IsValid(ply) then return end
            local info = data and data[1] or {}
            info.xp = (info.xp or 0)
            info.level = (info.level or 1)
            ply:setDarkRPVar('xp', info.xp)
            ply:setDarkRPVar('level', info.level)
            if not data then DarkRP.createPlayerLevelData(ply) end
    clientside code : (var is coorect)
    Code (Text):
    draw.DrawText('Level: '..(ply:getDarkRPVar('level') or 0), "DarkRPHUD2", pos.x, pos.y -58, Color(0,0,0,255), 1)
    serverside code : (return false beceause darkrpvar is nill)
    Code (Text):
    hook.Add('playerCanChangeTeam', 'manolis:MVLevels:playerTeamChange', function(ply, jobno)
        // This one requires a little extra work
        job = RPExtraTeams[jobno]
        if (job.level) then
            if not ((ply:getDarkRPVar('level') or 0) >= (job.level)) then
                DarkRP.notify(ply, 1, 2, 'You\'re not the right level to become this! your level : '..(ply:getDarkRPVar('level') or 0))
                return false, true
  2. (FPtje) Atheos

    (FPtje) Atheos Main Developer Staff Member

  3. ✪ DeviX

    ✪ DeviX New Member

    Yes i've declared it. I've also solved the issue. darkrpvar is set on player at player initial spawn, i just put function that declare it on simple Timer and it's work

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