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Divine Servers Network

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Roj, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Roj

    Roj New Member

    Hey there fellow Gamers, today I am introducing my brand new community called DivineServers.

    What is so different about this community?
    Unlike a lot of other servers, we are a community that treats its members with respect. We are trying to become the most friendly community with a lot of different servers. Divine Servers is easy to enter since we accept everyone, of every race, and every sexuality.

    Divine Servers is a community that wants to give people the ability to make a server, therefore you can always contact Community Managers & Founders to add your server to the community, no matter what gamemode it is. If we were to accept your gamemode you would get Server Manager.

    Why would we join your community?
    You should join our community since we are really seeking for members to fill the server & TeamSpeak. The server we are hosting is currently DarkRP, and we are looking to invest into new game modes.

    Just now we ordered a Xenforo License just to make our website better, and accessible to anyone.

    But DarkRP..? Isn't that the most basic thing you can have?!
    Yes, DarkRP is a basic gamemode, but also fun. We are really looking into the DarkRP gamemode and what kind of new things we can make with it. But the main DarkRP Gamemode with quite a bit of different content is what we are using right now.

    Hmm..? And Staff. Are you looking for staff members?
    As soon as the forums are fully up we will have open staff applications. We have 1 Moderator currently so we are quite desperate for staff. That does not mean we hire immature people. We want quality over quantity.

    Our future plans with Divine
    Currently we are thinking of making multiple servers with alot of different kind of gameplay. From Roleplay to TTT, to 'The Floor is Lava' to whole new ideas that we don't want to throw into the public just yet.

    Allright.. I am quite interested. Can you show us where we join?!
    If you would like to join, that would be great! You can find our website at http://divineservers.com
    Click here to join our server!
    Click here to join our TeamSpeak

    Thanks for Reading,

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