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Beta Door Alarm System 2.0

Discussion in 'DarkRP Addon & Plugin Releases' started by n00bmobile, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member


    List of Features

    • Signal Tower: Gives the Door Alarm the ability to warn the police about any attempt to invade the protected door.​
    • Armor: Reduces the amount of damage taken by the alarm. (NEW)
    Alarm Hacker

    Trying to burst your way into a door protected by an alarm is not a smart idea, you'll trigger a fairly loud sound and you may even get a wanted status if this particular alarm is properly upgraded. With this you'll open a protected door without triggering a massive clusterfuck around you.


    The Door Alarm entity was made to be sold in the F4 Menu.
    Trying to spawn it from the Spawn Menu will result in an unowned alarm that you can't attach to doors neither access the menu (since Entity:Getowning_ent() returns nil).

    The owner does not trigger the alarm.

    For obvious reasons.

    Future Updates

    More upgrades, fix bugs (if any, don't forget to report if you find one).



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    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
  2. sergun26

    sergun26 New Member

    Hello, i've made a Turkish translation for this addon. I translated and changed all strings, completely working.
    I translated "/flipalarm" command as "/alarmidondur"

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    Last edited: Dec 10, 2015
  3. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    WOW! Someone actually translated this string glory, wasn't expecting that.
    konamikode and JvDelicia like this.
  4. TomTheDuck

    TomTheDuck New Member

    Going to try this will let you know of the outcome!
  5. twitchyb1t

    twitchyb1t Member

    little vid / screenshot to promote it
    Alpha 2, TehNexus and konamikode like this.
  6. frostychinchilla

    frostychinchilla New Member

    Would there be a way to add another lockpick? I have a pro lockpick swep and the alarm doesn't go off when I use that.
  7. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    I don't know if it would work properly with custom lockpicks, but it should at least go off... You need to add support to it by yourself if it isn't working, sorry. I'm making a hacking SWEP so this lockpick thingy won't stay for much longer...
  8. Segeco

    Segeco New Member

    Is it possible to notify cops?

    Can I make additions to this?
  9. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    No, only the owners get notified about the hacking, he can alert the cops or something...
    Don't make additions to this yet, a new redone version is coming to make this a true must-have.
    Stay tuned for Door Alarm System 2.0, you can still modify this if you don't want to wait .-.
  10. Segeco

    Segeco New Member

    Oww :(
  11. Pab14567

    Pab14567 Well-Known Member

    How do I make it work for a custom lockpick ?
  12. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    There's two hooks from the default DarkRP Lockpick, you need to make your custom lockpick call these hooks or something... Anyway, just make sure they're called.
  13. Alpha 2

    Alpha 2 New Member

    I got a question, I dragged this file into my addons folder, I renamed it from lua, is that bad, did I put it in the wrong place, because I see no results.
  14. creator_2013

    creator_2013 New Member

    Have a problem: when I uncoupple a door I still can't sell the door. I tried to remove it with the remove tool it still doesn't work
  15. Sasker94

    Sasker94 Member

    I cant' fix the door guy. I do what?
  16. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    What does it say when you try to fix it? Can you even access the menu?
  17. Tratman

    Tratman New Member

    It isn't showing my entities tab in F4...do I need to add it or??
  18. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    Of course that you need to add it to the F4 menu.
  19. Tratman

    Tratman New Member

    Installed it. They alarm isn't going off. I can just lockpick the door open? :/
  20. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    The alarm does not trigger when It's being attacked/lockpicked by the owner.
    EDIT: Also, make sure that it is Online.
    Tratman likes this.

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