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Everyone can Noclip!

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by [GY] Smidge, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. [GY] Smidge

    [GY] Smidge New Member

    So sbox_noclip is set to 0 in my server.cfg
    There is no ULX perms for any1 to Noclip but everyone can noclip with V until i untick it in game and it says 'Server cvar 'sbox_noclip' changed to 0' but my sbox_noclip is already 0 in settings.
    Very confused.
  2. Liam6927

    Liam6927 New Member

    FAdmin, disable global noclip :)
  3. [GY] Smidge

    [GY] Smidge New Member

    In game? i do that but it reverts after restart..
  4. Peter Griffin123

    Peter Griffin123 New Member

    Hold tab then click settings and there should be "Something flying" or "User Noclip" Make sure it is off
  5. Liam6927

    Liam6927 New Member

    oh, umm, in your server.cfg put sbox_noclip 0 or sv_noclip 0 i cannot remember which one...
  6. [GY] Smidge

    [GY] Smidge New Member

    Its already in there.. i can change sbox_noclip in game but it reverts back on restart.
  7. Hackcraft

    Hackcraft Member

    It goes in the server.cfg

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