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Fading Door Issue

Discussion in 'Player General Chat' started by pandaboy757, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. pandaboy757

    pandaboy757 New Member

    So for some time now I haven’t been able to make a base in darkrp because I can’t make my fading door system work. Every time I click on a prop with the fading door toolgun, it instantly goes invisible, I’ve asked many people and they all said that they have never seen this issue before, and before you say anything it’s on toggle active off. I’ve done a manufacturing restart on grid and it still has the issue. Also another thing, my friend has told me that he can spawn props under the plastic menu, at first I thought he was crazy but I’ve searched it up and it exists, he says it came when he first got good but I don’t have it. If anyone can help me with these two issues I would really appreciate it. If you want you can contact me through discord at pandaboy#9107. Thank You and have a great day.

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