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Fast DL

Discussion in 'Modder General Chat' started by Dark VinylScratch 2, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. I was wondering if it is possible to upload addons with ease to the server's addons file for FastDL
    if there is another way to get them the required addons for the server
    if you do not understand what i am saying then my question is, how do I get FastDL working
    GOAL: When people join I'd like them to have my addons, and I would like my addons to take affect on the server. Please help :confused:
  2. Bo98

    Bo98 Moderator Staff Member Contributor

    Are they Workshop addons?
  3. [GG]Tense!

    [GG]Tense! Member

  4. I will try this thank you for responding :D
  5. KoZ

    KoZ Member

    If you want a fast download from the workshop use;
    Code (Text):
    resource.AddWorkshop( "workshopid" )
  6. Night Hawk

    Night Hawk New Member

    Don't do this... there is a much simplier alternative that I use to install ANY addon/script to my DarkRP edits..
    What I do is I download: GMAD Extractor - http://www.treesoft.dk/gmod/gmad/ which basically turns your subscribed/downloaded workshop content into viewable folders like lua, weapons, etc. You can then exact those raw files onto your server.

    Here's a video if I sound stupid (dis also my first post, hai)
  7. thanks guys, and ps: hi night hawk :D
  8. [GG]Tense!

    [GG]Tense! Member

    They're completely different processes using the "Legacy" addons and a workshop collection, and besides, they can be used in conjuction with each other.

    It may cause an issue with Custom Materials and Models within certain addons if you don't have FastDL/Contentpacks/Workshop addons enabled. One reason to use the workshop addons.

    Not to mention convenience to everyone, if someone points out a specific addon, it's the simple action of adding it to the collection.
  9. and how would i add both workshop and non workshop addons like the ATM mod and pointshop?
  10. Bo98

    Bo98 Moderator Staff Member Contributor

    Non-workshop addons would be your resource.AddFile calls. However, addons usually come with FastDL functionality without any extra work.
  11. [GG]Tense!

    [GG]Tense! Member

    The pointshop tends to use everything thats within game, traffic cones, melons, although the snowman head is from CS:S, unless you add custom models and such, you can use it as a legacy addon.

    The ATMmod has a custom model, that would need to either chuck it out of a FastDL or again through a workshop collection.
  12. well i replaced the atm mod's model with an workkshop addon model, and apparently pointshop does not need to have fast dl linked to it, and my weapons basic codes are on workshop.... so i have one more question..... How would i download and use Fast DL for workshop addons,,,,, (I know this is a bit of a hassle, but i'd like someone to give me a few pointers) BTW once downloaded where would i put:

    Code (Text):
    resource.AddWorkshop( "workshopid" )
    looking forward to your replys. :D
  13. Bo98

    Bo98 Moderator Staff Member Contributor

    In a serverside Lua file.

    Note that some addons come with resource.AddWorkshop ready included though I don't think there's any harm adding one again.
  14. Okay good news its all hosted, just one problem IDK what fast dl is exactly... is it a file i install or is it a code i put in my server.cfg.....
    After I figure out what fast DL is i'd like to know how to install it...PS: Sorry im so hopeless on the subject :confused:

    (workshop addons only)
  15. gaben

    gaben New Member

    Try to talk it out with your host. There could be something you are missing?

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