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Fate Roleplays DarkRP | M9k | CS:GO (Soon) | TDM Cars

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by UNDEAD_KING, Jan 1, 2017.


    UNDEAD_KING New Member

    Would like to find a decent DarkRP with tons of admin support? Are you tired of trolls, minges, ect...

    I can say that most of us have been there... you find an awesome server but it gets ruined from inactive admins.

    I would like to introduce you to Fate Roleplays DarkRP. We have a ton of custom addons, a better version of rp_downtown, and cars!

    We want to start the New Year great and launch an amazing DarkRP that anyone can improve. We take suggestions on what to add to the server. So if want somthing awesome added, you can contact us and it will be done.
    In the mean time, we have custom money printers, M9K weapons, meth, and more drug addons soon to come.

    About Us...
    We are a brand new DarkRP that started out as an idea. The current staff are all previous server owners, admins, and clan owners. We banded together and decided to make the DarkRP server of our dreams. We all have had those experiences where we just could not find a fun DarkRP on Garry's Mod. So we set out to make our own. We are hoping to get players that feel the same way. This is what we hope to be the DarkRP safe haven. A place for all players to enjoy themselves.

    Rules (List Still Growing)
    2. Obey The New Life Rule.
    3. No random death match (RDM).
    4. Do not Fail RP.
    5. No racism.
    6. No fail Fear RP.
    7. No metagaming.
    8. Only Hobos can build in the streets.
    9. Do not prop abuse (this includes surfing, killing, spamming, climbing and blocking or any other type of prop abuse).
    10. To own a district, You Must Have - 4 People and Own All Doors In The District.
    11. You can not own the district with the bank.
    12. You can only mug for up to $1,500.
    13. Mugging cool cown - 10 Minutes, 25 Minutes for the same person.
    14. Do not exploit/abuse any bugs or glitches, doing so will result in a punishment (depends on the situation).
    15. Do not build/kill in spawn.
    16. Do not spam (this includes chat, camera, stunstick, microphone / voice,...).
    17. You CANNOT sell or giveaway VIP printers, ammo or chargers to other players (they may use your chargers if you are basing together and you may sell the guns).
    18. You may not disrespect or provoke other players even when roleplaying.
    19. Sewer Lurkers can lockpick anywhere in the sewers.
    20. You must /ad carjack in order to jack a car.
    21. You may only carjack every 15 minutes.
    22. If you get your car jacked, you can not recall your vehicle.
    23. Police must have a valid reason to make a person wanted or issue a warrant (Invalid reasons will result in a demotion and job suspension).


    To Join, Connect To:
    And Visit Our Website At
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2017

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