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Gravity Setting

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by se7ensins, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. se7ensins

    se7ensins Member

    My gravity setting in my dark rp server are messed up and i don't know how to fix it, i went around other forums and i was told that i can change this by going to server setting and putting it to 600 with is the best.
    I have used whats been given to me by changing the gravity settings in admin settings and it didn't have a effect on the server. I was told to add a jump-height command for jobs but i didn't because the gravity in game was going fucked it up and it would make the person jump higher. My server Config had sv_gravity 619 which i tested in sandbox which was fine but when in my dark rp server changing the gravity setting did't have a affect on it. I have given a sample of what i am dealing with. 1000 in gravity settings was to be the pull down force which did't work and the -500 was allowing no gravity and that didn't work. If anyone knows a way to help me solve this problem that would be nice you. The jump was like 2 jumps in 1, i tried so much to get this shit working, even adding sv_gravity 619 to server config didn't help.
  2. Pab14567

    Pab14567 Well-Known Member

    Do you have ULX installed ? you might need to just delete sv.db in your server for it to reset to normal. What exactly are you trying to accomplish by changing the gravity ? Is it a job related specialty ?
  3. se7ensins

    se7ensins Member

    Yes i do have ULX installed and can you tell me the location of sv.db i don't know where it is. The gravity in the server was messed cause i was jumping and it was like 2 jumps in 1. I tried so much to fix it and didn't work, i reinstalled dark rp and a fresh start and i just imported all my addons to it and still got this problem with gravity, my old ulx was also imported in so it could be the ulx gravity problem. Thanks for telling me that, just need help knowing where the location of sv.db is

    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 22, 2019 ---
    ^ that was on default 600 in server settings, it didn't even work. I also set sv_gravity 619 in config and that didn't work ether could be what you said about sv.db
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
  4. Pab14567

    Pab14567 Well-Known Member

    SV.DB is in the main folder of your gmod server, not sure if it will work or not. Make a backup if you want cause it resets all data.

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