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Release Handcuffs - S.W.E.P

Discussion in 'DarkRP Addon & Plugin Releases' started by n00bmobile, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member


    I've noticed that there's like, 0 decent handcuffs addon for free out there (unless you enjoy leaking, which I don't) so I've made this. This is simple, It's not jaw dropping but it adds some value to your DarkRP Experience or whatever... Give me some ideas for this, I honestly have none right now. Besides, I enjoy wasting my spare time reading people's comments on my stuff (makes me happy... kinda)
    • Takes times to handcuff a player, more realistic I guess?
    • Player needs to be handcuffed to be arrested.
    • Player gets slowed.
    • More stuff, just try it out for god sake.

    Me - Coding :p
    C-Man3144 - The Model

    P.S: If you think this description is very poor, you can try the addon for yourself.


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    Last edited: Aug 19, 2016
  2. FuRy CoBrA

    FuRy CoBrA New Member

    I'm a complete scrublord, but, how do I make the handcuffs actually work?
  3. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    They're a normal addon, just extract the .zip file into the addon's folder of your server and then a new S.W.E.P called Handcuffs should appear.
  4. FuRy CoBrA

    FuRy CoBrA New Member

    okay, what about the SWEPS that come with the addon for the model?
  5. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    It's just a model, you need to make sure people are subscripted to it or the handcuffs will show up as an error (like a playermodel for example).
  6. FuRy CoBrA

    FuRy CoBrA New Member

    Ok, Thanks!
  7. Jkarateking

    Jkarateking Member

  8. ViiZiion XeneY

    ViiZiion XeneY New Member

    Merci pour les handcuffs
  9. n00bmobile

    n00bmobile Active Member

    You're welcome.
    LordiAnders likes this.
  10. AirForceKat

    AirForceKat New Member

    I tried to arrest someone and all it does is click over and over and nothing happens.
  11. Tasher337

    Tasher337 New Member

    here translation into Russian/вот перевод на русский

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