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Help looking for a map

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by Derek Peanuts, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Derek Peanuts

    Derek Peanuts Member

    I'm looking for a map
    that is real huge now I'm not talking big I mean real huge
    Has lots of trees
    Has a town or a city part
    Has no tunnels
    Has a air base
    Has a pd
    Has a awesome spawn
    Has a high sky limit
    Has a under ground bit
    Has roads
    Has to have lots of hide places
    Has to only use C:SS source

    I know that this map may not exist but I have looked a long time for a map like this
    But I have came up short every single time
    I need your help to find it
    I also know that this map will be a 1/100000 map if it dose exist and it will also be hard to find
    So I need your help please if you know of any map that comes close to this please link it down in the replies and tell me what it is missing

    Thanks for Reading
    Yours sincerely
    Derek Peanuts
  2. Derek Peanuts

    Derek Peanuts Member

    Something like this [​IMG]
    It's Arma chernarus map if you are wondering
  3. nzkfc

    nzkfc Member


    I don't even know if this is a troll or not but I don't think this exists...

    The biggest map I know of are like the rp_evocity_v33x etc but they don't have no airbases
  4. [TAE] Derek Peanuts

    [TAE] Derek Peanuts New Member

    This is my other accout the one i use for steam,because i forgot my password and my emails not working,but still its a long story
    It's not a troll, i don't know if a map like this exsists i just said i was looking for something like this
  5. nzkfc

    nzkfc Member

    I can tell you there is nothing like the ARMA 3 map in size or looks for that matter.
  6. Derek Peanuts

    Derek Peanuts Member

    I wish there was

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