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HELP me please !

Discussion in 'Modder General Chat' started by Imperator, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Imperator

    Imperator New Member

    Ok guys i need help first thing is how do i make it only the gundealer who can sell guns (Pistols and rifles and every thing) I don't want a citizen to buy a gun.

    Second thing is how do i change the gamemode name ? it's DarkRP now i want to choose the name how ?

    third thing How do i add models to the server ? like a skin for a job ? how ?

  2. TypicalRookie

    TypicalRookie Active Member

    1. GM.Config.restrictbuypistol = true

    2. If you think it's really nessecary to change the gamemode name, rename the main folder(I think)

    3. You can put skins in your addons folder or subscribe to them in the workshop
  3. rather interesting solution, i was thinking of changing gamemode name, (mine is heavily modded).

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