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[HELP] Most likely settings issues

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by LordPrayerRug, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. LordPrayerRug

    LordPrayerRug New Member

    I have two strange issues that I have tried to solve on my own and have failed so I am here now asking for help. I will list all the methods I used to troubleshoot it and attempt to fix it and I will list all configuration addons for my rp server.

    So the two issues we are running into are as follows, the players are required to have a gun license to have a gun on them. I know what your thinking just stay with me I will go over my troubleshooting after. We are also having an issue when you kill yourself you spawn back in the same place you were standing. This is an issue for obvious reasons.

    Now to the troubleshooting.

    settings.cfg has been changed to GM.Config.license = false - With no change and still needing a license to have a gun.
    Removed the gamemode from the workshop downloader
    Removed the gamemode and started with a fresh copy and a fresh mysql database
    Tried adding the darkrp modification addon and changing the settings in those files to match the false and still requires a license
    Removed the Database again and built a new one (I was getting annoyed and googling was getting me nowhere)
    Tried changing the setting in DConfig and restarting (No effect)

    Thats pretty much all I have done over the several hours looking through google and forums with no resolve and the wiki pretty much is garbo so not much help there. Feel free to call me stupid or what not but I have tried searching on my own.

    And the death thing no idea what's happening there or what to even search for maybe someone here knows why.

  2. GM.Config.strictsuicide

    GM.Config.license might be getting overwritten by an addon.

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