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How do servers get popular?

Discussion in 'Modder General Chat' started by Aireesan, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Aireesan

    Aireesan New Member

    I mean, most players don't come from external sites... so how the hell do servers become popular?
    I've run very nice servers in the past (in my opinion) but they never had more than 4 people on.
    How do I get it running well and with a high playercount? I've used all the player whoring tags in the MOTD that attract attention (i.e. Non-P2W, Wire, Etc...)
  2. Matryan

    Matryan Well-Known Member

    Word of mouth - If you have a good server, then people will invite their friends to play it with them, then after you have a good amount of players on, more players will join because of your large population.
  3. viper542

    viper542 Active Member

    You get at least 20 friends that are willing to stay on for hours and hopefully new players join. Then, when the new players join, you gotta convince them to come back. So if your friends gonna be assholes to the new players, good luck.
  4. Aireesan

    Aireesan New Member

    I have *amazing* antipropspam that isn't obnoxious
    No pay to win ranks
    Plenty of jobs
  5. siet02

    siet02 Member

    You see, that's the thing.
    That's original, sure, but you won't get people joining JUST BECAUSE there's a good AntiPropSpam.
    Again, cheers, but once again, won't exactly attract a lot of players, let alone donators.
    This'll probably only annoy players, due to the high amount of files to be downloaded for said jobs. (might be wrong on this, correct me if I am.)
    Lotta servers using this nowadays, won't make you any different/uniquer.
    And finally:
    I don't quite understand why this is really "Important to mention". Because, the way I see it, 99.9% of servers use this.
    So, TL;DR
    IF you're going for a "Unique" feel, this isn't quite it.
    So many servers are using these addons, tags, etcetera, that you won't "Stand Out".
    That's just some constructive criticism.
  6. Vixen Exen

    Vixen Exen New Member

    In my opinion it's kind of hard to make a popular server. You got to have some friends willing to play on it and you have to make it fun.
    I see a lot of darkrp servers just filled with minges and hackers.
  7. Pab14567

    Pab14567 Well-Known Member

    Minges are what make darkrp fun. How do you expect to have fun when there's servers that have over 300+ fucking rules, restricting you to everything. Following by the rules is generally pointless, people will always break it and that's what makes DarkRP fun, breaking the rules of everything, in-game laws included, the adrenaline rush and excitement you sometimes feel when you break them all, is just worth while.
  8. Brewergamer

    Brewergamer New Member

    I have not found a single populated server that offers both advdupe2 AND wiremod. In fact I have been looking for weeks.

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