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v 2.5.x How to edit a Workshop Map

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by anas ellemti, Dec 15, 2017.


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  1. anas ellemti

    anas ellemti New Member

    hello so you are here to learn how to edit a map form Workshop steam so first what you need

    What you need :

    Gmad Extractr or ( gmod+coverter ).
    2- VMEX 0.98g i recommend using ("BSPSource" ) !!!! so what this program dois turn the '.bsp' folder to a 'vmf' folder .
    3- You need hammer program you can find it your steam library tool "Source SDK" thus is the name of the program .

    this is
    optional :

    1- if you using BSPSource you need java install

    What you need to do :

    1-so lest start so first you gone extract the map whit 'Gmad Extracter' so now you have a '.bsp' folder (EXP : rp_downtorwn_4c_2.bsp

    2- !!!! i will woke whit BSPSourc!!! so now you gonna open "bspsrc_1.3.23 " folder and open "bspsrc.jar" when you open it you gonna click "Add" and you gonna find your map (.bsp) and add it .Next you gonna click the "the "decompile" button and chose where you're "vmf" folder gonna be

    3- Now you gonna open hammer and click new on the top left corner and you gonna choose the "vmf" files.

    4- when you finish editing save the map.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!remember to get permission from the owner of the map before editing the map !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Join my community

    discord : https://discord.gg/TQKQXXV

    server (DarkRP) : gametracker.com/server_info/

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