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How to get an older version of darkrp?

Discussion in 'Modder General Chat' started by Joe | SLS Owner | Dev, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Title,

    Because new darkrp is horrid with billboards, [in my opinion]
  2. Nagisa Momoe

    Nagisa Momoe Member

    You know you can get rid of the new billboard advert by go to the "Addon release" section right?
  3. I tried, that addon is broken.
  4. Jkarateking

    Jkarateking Member

    It works for me if you install it properly. It took me a couple of attempts at installing
  5. I noticed that now, but my darkrp notifications are also broken, so I need a new darkrp, look at my other thread.
  6. Jkarateking

    Jkarateking Member

    You could just re-install the newest version of DarkRP (use github not workshop). That would reset anything if you broke it (unless its broken in DarkRP modification but then getting an older version of DarkRP wouldnt help either)
  7. And delete it from garrysmod/gamemodes right? Im doing it now its just gonna take a while.
  8. Jkarateking

    Jkarateking Member

    Yes delete it from there and then re-install it on there
  9. Fixed
  10. LionDaJavaDev

    LionDaJavaDev New Member

    Billy made a wonderful addon to fix this, search DarkRP Classic Advert in google

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