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How to use Nutscript with Darkrp (Please Help)

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by ◄NFG► マイアミ博士, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Does anyone know, how too combine nutscript with DarkRP? Like on CWHL2RP Servers, so you can still have an HUD, Change jobs and such? Since i could need help with that, as i'm working on an JvS RP Server.
  2. (FPtje) Atheos

    (FPtje) Atheos Main Developer Staff Member

    Your opinion is irrelevant to this question.

    I think any combination of nutscript and DarkRP will require porting the ideas from one to the other. Whether you start with DarkRP and then add nutscript or the other way around, you'll have to take out the code from one and put it in- or in an addon of the other. When doing that you may have to fight with the code to get it to work, perhaps you're even forced to rewrite parts.

    Either way I cannot imagine this being done without Lua scripting skills. Parts of one gamemode won't transfer to the other without some serious modifications.

    Unless of course there are addons by other people that encapsulate parts of nutscript and have already been modified for DarkRP. Or the other way around.
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