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[Important] Share the solutions of your problems! NOW with guidelines

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by System, May 22, 2015.

  1. System

    System Active Member

    I check thru the DarkRP forum on a daily basis, most of the time you jump into threads that are already solved by the OP with the slight information of "Solved it myself"

    Remember that someone might be in the same position as you in the future so any information on what solved an issue is always appreciated, same goes if someone else solves your problems. Drop a like for their support.

    Once Your problem/issue is solved, change the title and input [Fixed]/[Solved]
    This is easily done by pressing the "Thread Tools"
    Don't know how many times I've read thru posts just to notice 10-20 comments later that it is solved.

    Just some tips.


    1. Always post the error given by simplerr (Ingame Console)
    It can also look like this

    2. Do not describe the error, just copy and paste it!
    Upload to http://hastebin.com/
    3. Always read the error as simplerr tells you what went wrong, and how to fix it
    4. Follow simplerr's steps to fix the error (Guide by Hodas is further down)
    5. If you cannot or for some reason don't understand on how to fix the error, then it's the time to make a thread and explain your problems and what you don't understand.
    6. Provide screenshots and explain your problems fully and specifically instead of "it doesn't work"
    7. Provide the FULL lua file in Hastebin or attach it
    8. There's no reason to hide your darkrpmodification lua files with fear that somebody else will copy your "hard" work. Any darkrpmodification lua files can be easily replicated.
    9. Any paid scripts you need help with, take it to the original developer or prove you have bought it.
    10. Everybody makes mistakes, don't expect anybody to be perfect.
    11. Do not be a jerk when somebody corrects you, or is "guiding" you, instead be a mature person and take criticism
    12. It is alright to make mistakes, nobody would shame you.
    13. If you are editing the core files, you will receive no help from anyone here and you have lost all respect. All problems and errors you will come across, IT'S YOUR FAULT
    14. How to edit core files without FPtje's knowledge
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2016
  2. (FPtje) Atheos

    (FPtje) Atheos Main Developer Staff Member

    Stickied. This bothers me too.
    konamikode likes this.
  3. ry00001

    ry00001 New Member

    Addition to 13: if you edit the core files, add a link to corefiles.darkrp.eu
  4. System

    System Active Member

    Added a new note.
  5. Please remove pictures I took and texts which are from my guide. You did not have my permission to move them here. Why? I don't like your way explaining shit, I would be lost as fuck if I would follow your guide. Your tip number 3: always read the as simplerr tells you what went wrong and how to fix it. Picture you provide in that tip is just plain stupidy from you. Look at that error, how does it tell you anything? It's just gamemode failing becouse of error I presented in that guide.

    So in final words: REMOVE my stuff from here.
  6. System

    System Active Member

    So aggressive.
  7. Annoyed when you copy stuff with out permissions.
  8. System

    System Active Member

    It's public information, actually don't need to ask for permissions to use it as long as credits is given in the correct places.
  9. If I would come here to see help, I wouldn't click this thread becouse of title. That's why.
  10. System

    System Active Member

    Criticism without any better suggestions...
  11. Naaah, Your thread is good reminder for people to actually put that fixed tag on their posts but my guide is mainly just focused on finding that error and fixing / reporting. and specially if people are looking for help your title is more like reminder rather than pointing title here's help
  12. cj2tech

    cj2tech Member

    So salty
    System likes this.
  13. It tells you that in the dcombobox.lua file, on line 102, you made a mistake with Button:SetText. You most likely forgot quotation marks, as those define a string. It says it expected a string (Sets the text but it must be a string) but it did NOT get a string. Anyways, the other one, it's saying on line 6 of effectremovehook.lua, it got a string, but it didn't want a string. It wanted a number. You probably added quotes when you should not have. Atleast, that's what I took from those errors, I don't know if that's the truth because I can't see the files. But yea, errors tell you a lot of information.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2016
  14. sorry but this guide ain't mine. both errors he provided are errors indeed :D

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