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InsightRP - Wire/E2 - Custom Content - Need Staff

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Matt1923, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Matt1923

    Matt1923 New Member

    InsightRP is a brand new DarkRP server looking for new players. We're also looking for responsible and friendly staff members. Check our forums (http://insightrp.co.uk) or join our discord (https://discord.gg/BtCkga9) or join us in game for more information

    How to connect?
    Type "connect insightrp.co.uk" into console or search for insightrp on the server browser

    Why should you join my server?
    • Custom addons (see below)
    • Monthly competitions w/ prices (store packages & steam games for big occasions) e.g highest login streak, 1st place on 1v1 leaderboard
    • No need to advert
    • E2/Wiremod access for everyone

    The server is loaded with tonnes of custom addons that I've written:

    • 1v1 system - Type !1v1 PlayerName pick a weapon from the gui and then if the other player accepts your challenge you'll be teleported to an arena and fight to the death with selected player, the players who have won the most 1v1s are displayed on a leaderboard at spawn
    • My bank system has a 3d2d ui which you can use to deposit, withdraw or rob money from the bank
    • Printers with 3d2d ui for upgrading and getting money from printers
    • Custom vgui that's constantly being updated based on community feedback

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