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Jobs won't show in f4 menu darkrp

Discussion in 'DarkRP Modding Questions & Help' started by A Person That Likes Memes, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Hello. I'm trying to make a halorp (using the darkrp gamemode of course) and i keep getting errors when i try to use the f4 menu. It usually says this.

    "[ERROR] A runtime error has occurred in "[C]" on line -1.
    The best help I can give you is this:

    DarkRP was unable to introduce player "A Person That Likes Memes" to the game. Expect further errors and ♥♥♥♥ generally being ♥♥♥♥ed!

    - This error most likely does not stand on its own, and previous serverside errors have a very good chance of telling you the cause.
    - Note that errors from another addon could cause this. Specifically when they're thrown during 'PlayerInitialSpawn'.
    - This error can also be caused by some other addon returning a value in 'PlayerInitialSpawn', though that is less likely.
    - Errors in your DarkRP configuration (jobs, shipments, etc.) could also cause this. Earlier errors should tell you when this is the case.

    The responsibility for the error above lies with (the authors of) one (or more) of these files:
    1. function 'Spawn'
    2. gamemodes/base/gamemode/player.lua on line 115"

    "[ERROR] gamemodes/halorp/gamemode/modules/base/cl_gamemode_functions.lua:23: attempt to index local 'jobTable' (a nil value)
    1. Call - gamemodes/halorp/gamemode/modules/base/cl_gamemode_functions.lua:23
    2. unknown - gamemodes/halorp/gamemode/modules/base/cl_gamemode_functions.lua:62"

    here is what is in my jobs.lua file
  2. Apecengo

    Apecengo New Member

    Running it through the GLua linter reveals some errors:


    Specifically in lines 159-160. You missed a comma.
    You also have two teams with ID TEAM_SPARTAN.

    There may be more errors, please do check yourself.
  3. already found out the problem and fixed it. Thanks anyway! But now there's a new problem. now I just get this error when I try to change my jobs
    [ERROR] gamemodes/halorp/gamemode/libraries/simplerr.lua:530: [ERROR] A runtime error has occurred in "gamemodes/halorp/gamemode/modules/base/sh_createitems.lua" on line 392.
    The best help I can give you is this:

    There is a player with an invalid team!

    The player's name is A Person That Likes Memes, their team number is "1001", which has the name "Unassigned"

    - It is the server owner's responsibility to figure out why that player has no valid team.
    - This error is very likely to be caused by an earlier error. If you don't see any errors in your own console, look at the server console.

    The responsibility for the error above lies with (the authors of) one (or more) of these files:
    1. gamemodes/halorp/gamemode/modules/base/sh_createitems.lua on line 392
    2. gamemodes/halorp/gamemode/modules/base/sv_gamemode_functions.lua on line 495
    3. function 'Give'
    4. gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/commands.lua on line 804
    5. lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua on line 54
    ------- End of Simplerr error -------
    and I have no idea what to do
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 30, 2019 ---
    I have, again, found out the solution and do not need anymore help.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019

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