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KronetRP - New! - Revamped VGUI, Robbery, Drugs, GTA5 TDM, Wiremod

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Kronet, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Kronet

    Kronet New Member

    Hello all! Welcome to KronetRP.


    We're a brand-spankin' new DarkRP server that strives to bring back a nostalgic feeling for DarkRP players while still keeping up with some recent server trends.

    Some addons that we've installed include the following:
    - A nice recoded HUD
    - New F4 menu and MOTD
    - A robbery system, coded by us:

    You can rob the bank, the gas station, and steal secret files from the government!
    - Wiremod, for your crazy contraptions!
    - Coded a drug curation system and a drug dealer NPC!
    (we currently have heroin and marijuana.)
    - The classic DarkRP scoreboard
    - FA:S2 Guns
    - TDM's GTA V car pack, plus a car dealer NPC
    (not RocketMania!)
    - Modified free version of HatsChat
    - ULX and no FAdmin

    Any questions?

    Do you have a large playerbase?
    Right now we don't, since the server was purchased on 10/10 and we're just looking into advertising and what we can offer to potential loyal players.

    Are the staff any good?
    All staff have extensive experience with Garry's Mod. I've been playing on and coding various DarkRP servers since 2010 and (hopefully) know what players these days want to see.

    What does "kronet" mean?
    In the Norwegian language, "kronet" could mean "crowned." (though or main language is English)
    Our server logo is a crowned crow.

    Are there any benefits to donating?
    I'm not sure of the idea of selling virtual goods under the guise of quid-pro-quo "donation benefits," and at this point I am not sure of what those benefits might be. I'll see what there is to offer to people who donate in the future.

    Please take a few minutes to give our server a try.
    Our server IP is: kronet.game.nfoservers.com:27015

    If you like what you see, you could consider joining our forums at: http://www.kronetrp.org

    Takk så mye! Have a great day :)
  2. =DoW= Nickster

    =DoW= Nickster New Member

    Ill check it out today.

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