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Lexon LawlessRP - More freedom, more fun, no BS rules

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by how to use fmc fms????, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, my name is IceGT and I'm the community lead over at Lexon Servers.

    Lexon has a few extremely specialized Sandbox servers, and what I've been looking to do for a while is break out of the Sandbox-server-only stigma that our community has.

    I figured that giving DarkRP a try might actually be fun and worthwhile in the long run. The result is Lexon Servers' LawlessRP (LXRP).

    It's a "flavor" of DarkRP that aims to do away with stupid rules like RDM, NLR, and FearRP, as well as shift focus away from administrating and following rules, and place more emphasis on actually playing the game.

    In other words, we're trying to give power back to the players. We hate admin sits, we hate constantly administrating people, and we love the idea of players being able to freely solve stuff themselves. Think:

    • More Freedom
    • Less-restrictive rules
    • Great for streaming & YouTube channels

    Server features
    The server opened on October 13th... exactly 24 hours prior to the time I'm writing this post. Currently, we have a few things available to do:

    • Meth cooking
    • Bank heists
    • Tons of drugs
    • Cinema/theater system
    • Weapon and tool crafting
    • Precision tool & SmartSnap for building
    • Stock trading
    • FBI & undercover cop systems
    • and much more in development, like...
    • Cryptocurrency mining (in-house system)
    • Knives & unboxing
    • Gangs & turf wars
    • (anything you suggest?)

    ...as well as a few features that differ from "normal" DarkRP servers:

    1. All non-government classes can do criminal stuff. I.e., there are no classes that you **have** to join in order to steal things. You could go out immediately, grab a lockpick, and break into someone's house without having to switch your job.
    2. You don't have to /advert your crimes. (Why would anyone need to advertise that stuff, anyway?)
    3. There are no Gun Dealers. Instead, you craft your own guns, lockpicks, and keypad crackers. Of course, you could always sell what you make to other players.
    4. Taking bribes as a Police Officer is OK. It's not against the rules to be a "dirty cop."

    How to join
    We're looking for people who are interested in what our server represents. If you're looking for a server that has very lax rules and won't pull you out of roleplay for an admin sit, you've found the right place!

    IP: lawless.lexon.cloud:27015

    Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/lexonservers

    We look forward to seeing you in game, and welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and criticisms! :)

  2. (FPtje) Atheos

    (FPtje) Atheos Main Developer Staff Member

    Awesome to see people picking up lawless RP
  3. Jkarateking

    Jkarateking Member

    Good luck with your server. I used to have a LawlessRP server but there isn't much demand for them so it failed. Hopefully you are more lucky than me, I'll come on one time if you can get a player base

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