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v 2.5.x M9k Shipments

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by ctOS, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. ctOS

    ctOS Member

    Hey, I feel like it's too much of a pain to let everyone make their M9K shipments.

    How to add the M9k gunpack to your server:

    Step 1. Go to the Steam Workshop files for the m9k pack

    Step 2. Add them to your collection, if not; then create one.

    Make sure you know your collection ID, this can be found by going to your collection and looking at the URL bar.

    How to find the collection ID:

    Step 3. Make sure your collection is hooked up to your Garry's Mod server.

    You can do this by going in to your cfg folder. Open autoexec.cfg.
    At the very bottom, just insert this:

    Code (Text):

    host_workshop_collection "COLLECTIONIDHERE"
    Step 4. Once you have that hooked up, your server should download it after a complete restart.

    Step 5. Open shipments.lua in addons\darkrpmodification-master\lua\darkrp_customthings

    Step 6.

    Insert this and edit the prices or if you want them as a shipment. As of now they are just singles.

    http://pastebin.com/aLfBvSUX (it's too long for the post)

    Extra Step:
    Go to ammo.lua in the same directory, and just paste this in:

    This is the code for all the ammo the M9k Packs use.

    Save, and it should work, for anymore questions just add me on steam. I did this for simple convenience, please refer anyone that would need help with m9k shipments to just take it from here.

    My steam name is ctOS | Wolfie.

    - ctOS
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2014
  2. Give this guy a HUGE round of applause. He did you newbies a very amazing thing, this is hours of work, all done for you for free!
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  3. You might wanna fix the corrupt shipment

    Code (Text):
    DarkRP.createShipment("M79 Gl", {
            model = "models/weapons/w_m79_grenadelauncher.mdl",
            entity = "m9k_m79gl",
            price = 1000,
            amount = 1,
            seperate = true,
            pricesep = 500,
            noship = true,
            allowed = {TEAM_HEAVYDEALER}
    You were missing the model
  4. ctOS

    ctOS Member

    Thanks ^ & I didn't see find the model :( thanks tho

    !! Request Mod to Rename Thread to FA:S & M9K Shipments !!

    Heres the FA:S Attatchments and Ammo and Shipments

    If you have FA:S, you might want to put these two in your entities.lua

    Ammo Entity Boxes:

    Here's the FA:S Shipments, just drop it to shipments.lua

    Why did you tell me to put the ammo in the entity tab?
    Well i'm not quite sure what the ammo name is, but there is the entities in the spawn menu for ammo boxes. I saved alot of work by putting them in the correct code.

    Any Questions, Message me on the forums or Steam.

    My steam name is ctOS | Wolfie.

    - ctOS
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2014
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  5. MrCraig

    MrCraig New Member

    Thanks Bro , really Helpful +1
    ctOS likes this.
  6. ThertorNOR | #11

    ThertorNOR | #11 New Member

    One problem for me, I can't seem to find the entities.lua inside the server folder? Or is it outside or something? Maybe another .lua now?
  7. MrCraig

    MrCraig New Member

    If your talking about the ammo its in ammo.lua in addons/darkrpmodfication-master
  8. ThertorNOR | #11

    ThertorNOR | #11 New Member

    Lol that's not there either
  9. Derek Peanuts

    Derek Peanuts Member

    Are you Editing the core file or with DarkRP modifier?
    Not to be rude I'm just queries
  10. Epic Mark

    Epic Mark New Member

    Anywhere on the net i can find this for all the m9k?
  11. ThertorNOR | #11

    ThertorNOR | #11 New Member

    What do you mean? When I edit the files I edit the .lua code in them if that's what you're asking about.
  12. Pab14567

    Pab14567 Well-Known Member

    By .lua file which one in particular?
    Derek was asking about Darkrp core files I suppose,
    Derek Peanuts likes this.
  13. Random

    Random New Member

    Dude i just want to thank you so much for this, saved me tons of time, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
  14. Volvo!

    Volvo! New Member

    Made an account just to say thank you <3<3<3<3<3
  15. Feuermensch

    Feuermensch New Member

    Thank you man you are th egreatest!
  16. Apollo 2

    Apollo 2 New Member

    Hey guys, I just wanted to come here and share this little idea I had. Basically when your server's economy fluctuates, it's really to compensate for it, right? Well no need to look any further, I made a cool shipment file where you enter the base prices of all the guns and then use a multiplier to change the prices. There are 5 multipliers: pistols, smg, AR, sniper, and lmg. Here is the code:


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