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Release Mug SWEP

Discussion in 'DarkRP Addon & Plugin Releases' started by CosmicDaLoc, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. CosmicDaLoc

    CosmicDaLoc New Member

    I have recently made a swep to stop players from abusing the mug cooldown on your DarkRP server!

    The primary action of the mug swep is used to mug players and hold a cooldown after the player has been mugged and or has fought back.
    Once you get the mug swep you find a player you are wanting to mug and go up to the player, once they are standing still you aim the gun at him or her and it gives the player 2 options. 1. Give In which gives the mugger your money (Value changed in config) or 2. Fight Back which allows the victim a chance to survive from the mugging.
    If the mugging goes successful then you are rewarded your cash and have to wait the cooldown, if it doesn't go so well and you die you receive nothing and still have to wait the cooldown. If the player being mugged decides to fight back and dies he/she still loses there money.
    Everything to due with configuring the swep is in the shared.lua file and has notes on the function does. Thanks for you time, have a blessed day!

    Video Example

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