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My server keeps crashing now and then ( MYSQL questions )

Discussion in 'Modder General Chat' started by |DC| Drewbie, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. |DC| Drewbie

    |DC| Drewbie New Member

    Hello! everyone, so my DarkRP server keeps crashing only when its a bit populated and it lasts around 5-10 hours.
    Now I have removed every single addon, updated them including darkrp.
    But what I have not tried turning off mysql on my darkrp.
    I use mysqloo 9.3.1 and my gameserver is in Europe and my webserver is in the US.
    Could this cause problems? or doesn't it matter if I run darkrp locally or on a database?
  2. Sir Klutch

    Sir Klutch Active Member

    Can you send a screenshot of ALL your add-ons? Also, I enabled MySQL for darkrp myself and it did cause some crashing issues.
  3. davidk911

    davidk911 Member

    only issues ive had with darkrp and populated server is at around 40-60 players the server tickrate begins to drop if left on 66, this get progessivly worse as more players join and the more addons u have, only way ive found around it is to be superior servers or reduce your tickrate, or install fprofiler to look for expensive functions in addons. this is due to the way garrysmod uses the CPU, although the clientside is multicore, the serverside by default is still very much singlecore, yes it will hyperthread and be shared across multiple threads but if u ever watch a resource monitor while running the server u will see on a quad core and u dont set the affinity u will see the cpu useage cap at 25%, there are cvars that can change this but when i last tryed it was so unstable it wasnt worth doing now i just limit to 1 core, and reduce tickrate to 22 for darkrp, and then focus on optimization of the addons, i also noticed at high population ULX and Ulib when getting around the 2k unique users mark was become very laggy and sluggy when altering usergroups, using commands or doing anything that involved ulx basically, i summed this up to being ulxs way of reading information from a txt file once them txt files get pretty big i doubt its very efficient way of requesting information constantly

    But for your mysql question yes having it local would improve latency between darkrp and the mysql server, id recommend doing it this way and if u have your webserver reading from the mysql id rather have my website be 150ms behind than the gameserver itself if that make sense
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2017

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