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[NAG]New Age Gaming. New Community Looking for High Staff

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Im not a smurf, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Im not a smurf

    Im not a smurf New Member

    Hello Everyone My name is Tony. I am looking for People to help run my new community. We will be launching servers on darkrp, unturned and other games. Below you will see some stuff about the servers and community, Also how to contact me. I am looking for People ASAP dont be afraid to msg me.

    Some Things About me. I am not new to Gaming communites and server ownership. I have been hosting servers on games since 2009. I started out in Halo CE. We had an RP clan and hosted rp events with our members. I moved on when it died to other games such as arma 3 altis life and then in 2015 i found myself playing garrys mod. I took ownership of a old popular MethRP server call BallisticRP. We closed due to the fact that the MethRP gamemode died out and we didnt adapt to the darkrp category fast enough (that was my bad I was new to the gmod hosting and didnt think anyone would join with the over crowdedness of the categoy I have since reworked my marketing plan.).
    I am starting this new community to bring some serious US server based RP to gmod (I know there is serious RP i just think my vision will be refreshing).

    So Right now we have plans for 2 servers I will explain both below. We will launch the Serious DarkRP server first and work on the HaloRP server

    This will be a serious CityRP server under the darkrp category. There will be few jobs probably only 4 they are as follows

    Citizens - Choose how you live your life. You can become a Miner and sell your goods. Become a weapons smith and craft firearms for sale (certain weapons are illegal). Join a Gang and Take over the territories. cook some meth or grow some weed. Go and Hunt for your money. Its up to you.

    Police and swat - Patrol the streets looking for bad guys. Pretty simple explanation. Protect the Police Department from People trying to take out witness's, or stealing from the evidence locker. Rank up also.

    Government - Start as City Rep and grow all the way to Congress. You will be playing a role in the economy.


    Street Racing - Do some time trials or race against other players. there are races across the state. Place a bet then bring a fast car and skills.

    Heist system- Multi-step Bank robbery process more realistic.

    Casino - Test your skills at blackjack and roulette

    Quests- Talk to the People around the map they have stuff for your todo.

    Hunting. You will be able to find animals roaming the state. Kill the animal for XP and reward money. The harder the kill the bigger the reward.

    Meth and weed system. buy your supplies and craft stove/generator and get to cooking/growing. You will need to find the sell points in game.

    Smuggling - Get goods from 1 point to another for the cartel and get paid big. Watch out for the cops though.

    Much much more. I could list them all but it would be to long.

    While it is still under early development im not gonna spoil alot of it but My plans are to have NPC warzones across multiple maps that your team will have to try to take. It will be UNSC Vs Cov on an alternate timeline. With missions.

    So if you are Interested in Joining me Please Message me on Discord Tony#3519 Also please join my discord server https://discord.gg/HWGhGnQ Ill probably message back right away unless im at work. just let me know a bit about yourself and your age.


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