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Need help with canSee

Discussion in 'Player General Chat' started by lelman, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. lelman

    lelman New Member

    I added a meth addon and a meth cook job, but I can't seem to get the canSee function to work, as all teams are able to see and buy the entities from the category


    name = "Meth Equipment",
    categorises = "entities",
    startExpanded = true,
    color = Color(43, 150, 209, 255),
    canSee = function(ply) return table.HasValue({TEAM_METH}, ply:Team()) end,


    TEAM_METH = DarkRP.createJob("Meth Cook", {
    color = Color(22, 175, 230, 255),
    model = {
    description = [[You are the meth cook. Your job is to combine ingredients and create meth. Once you have made meth, find a NPC which will buy the meth off of you. Be careful though, if you're caught transporting meth you'll get arrested!]],
    weapons = {},
    command = "methcook",
    max = 2,
    salary = 45,
    admin = 0,
    vote = false,
    hasLicense = false,
    candemote = true,
    category = "Criminals"

    Is this a bug or did I do something wrong? I get no errors, it's just simply still visible to all other jobs
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