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Need Help

Discussion in 'Modder General Chat' started by LittleOlivia, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. LittleOlivia

    LittleOlivia New Member

    I'm trying to recreate a list of job starting from left to right to resemble an old F4 Menu in gmod. Three jobs per row and three jobs per column. If you can help that'll be great.

    Here's my code: View attachment 1486

    Here's the outcome: View attachment 1484
  2. ✪ mikey

    ✪ mikey New Member

    I suggest you use a free F4 menu from somewhere because that looks bad and its messed up but if you want to use it please reply.
  3. ™Littleman0562 ®

    ™Littleman0562 ® New Member

    Of course it looks bad, It's no where near close to being finished. I just want the jobs to be in a row of three columns side by side. Nothing special. I don't want to have a copy and paste server either. I don't want to use other peoples addons that numerous servers use.
  4. ✪ mikey

    ✪ mikey New Member

    Okay if you want that "old DarkRP server vibe" which I really like but sadly I can't help you I would like to be there on opening day so if you could reply with the IP that would be amazing!
  5. You're setting the size of the job picture itself the same size as the actual border
  6. ™Littleman0562 ®

    ™Littleman0562 ® New Member

    You're right. I fixed the problem a few weeks ago but thank you for the response.
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