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NeverStopGaming.co The all in one gaming community

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Quangasaurusrex, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. R3ign Networks is coming back under a new name. NeverStopGaming.co

    Our goal is to provide each player with a sense of pride and accomplishment

    oh wait wrong script

    Our goal is to provide an environment where we can all play together without the need for extremely strict rules, staff, or a harmful playerbase. We care for our players as much as you care for your dog. (Unless you don't have a dog, but we still care :^))

    We have dedicated servers with multiple VPS that run multiple gamemodes simultaneously. A few of them are
    1. Four Unturned servers (Not gmod but we still run it) [unturned.neverstopgaming.co]
    2. PoliceRP [policerp.neverstopgaming.co:27015]
    3. DarkRP [darkrp.neverstopgaming.co:27015]
    4. Prophunt [ph.neverstopgaming.co:27015]
    5. Trouble in Terrorist Town [ttt.neverstopgaming.co:27015]
    6. Rust (non gmod) [rust.neverstopgaming.co]
    7. SCP:SL (non gmod)
    Our website: https://neverstopgaming.co/
    Our Discord: https://discord.gg/sTVAydG
    We have over a hundred players and counting willing to play games from Rainbow Six Siege to Garry's Mod to even Unturned!
    We also sell VIP across all servers so you do not have to pay for each server, so it's easier on us, and you.
    Vip Perks
    1. Discord, Forum, In-game Roles
    2. Secret Chats to where other VIP's talk together
    3. Free PAID Games occasionally (For honor, Arma packs [1,2,3, gold,etc], Insurgency, etc.
    4. In-game perks on our servers
    We DO NOT hide the ability to role-play behind paywalls. This means VIP's do not have a significant advantage over regular players. This probably just means VIP's get a cooler car or something. It won't go faster. Honestly, we probably wont even add that. Let's just say VIP's don't get an advantage. (Please don't sue me if we add stuff later on ;_;)

    We have permanent weapons that can be bought through RP cash, or credits. Whichever you prefer.
    We do not ban people unless the action was intentional. (OMG U KILLED ME ONCE BAN HIM AHHH)
    KOS signs are not allowed. But if someone is in your house feel free to blast their face off.
    Text warnings in yell must be given in order to shoo a player off. (10 seconds must have elapsed)
    for PoliceRP, in order to prevent confliction and lower download times, we use discord in order to speak with other government officials. We use PTS to simulate a radio.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  2. Charlie Irwin

    Charlie Irwin New Member

    Looks cool.
    For No. 9 Don't you mean SCP:SL or are you talking about something else
  3. Yes I am, thank you.

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