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  1. Hello Fellow Players,

    My name is Jack I am the founder of UnlockedRP This server will hopefully be the best the reasons are the following
    1. We have alot of custom content from Bit-Miners to Lithium printers along with Custom user only jobs(purchasable or pre sales)
    2. Over 70 jobs to choose from including prisoners to police and even Military you can possibly rank up to the general of the army and boss the recruits around and earn the $$$.
    3. We have friendly staff with almost immediate support, How you say we have staff from all over the world to assists and are ready to deploy when you need us the most.
    4. We care about the players we are not just another server we are the server that cares.
    5. We have Fas,Cw and M9K.
    6. We also host events where you could win anything from in game packages to CsGo skins.
    7. When your first join you have the chances of getting a free limited time only "supporter" rank that is permanent.
    8. Dedicated server so hardly no downtime except when I am adding more content.
    9. If you do not see what you want then you can suggest it and we will get it.
    That is just a little information on what we have now the gamemode,
    The gamemode at the moment is PrisonRP as we are currently developing a MilitaryRP gamemode we have a custom made map that is unique to us.

    How to access the server:
    Website: Here
    Steam: Here
    Server IP :

    Many thanks for looking,

    Jack Batch,

    Looking forward to playing gmod with you!

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