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[NEW] H.C MelaninRP

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Salen, May 23, 2018.

  1. Salen

    Salen New Member

    I've been wanting to run my own DarkRP server for a few years now, and I've finally done it. Introducing H.C MelaninRP- a semi-serious DarkRP server that's packed with addons to make your experience one-of-a-kind. Our major addons include - VCmod, PointShop2, TDM cars, ATM's, Bank Robbery, Slot machines, and much more! I've just launched the server this morning, and I believe the server is ready to start holding some players. We definitely need some staff if or when the server becomes populated, so feel free to apply after reaching 12 hours on the server. Also, we're open to suggestions on our forums: http://www.hcmelaninrp.com

    Feel free to join our server and play around for a bit:

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