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New Roleplay Mode - RuggedRP custom Roleplay

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by Aldo Raine, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Aldo Raine

    Aldo Raine New Member


    Hi, I am the Owner and the Developer of Rugged Roleplay.
    This brand new server that has just opened, offering a new type of Roleplay for players is waiting for YOU!
    Carefully developed Jobs, addons and more the server isnt just your ordanary Darkrp server we all know, RuggedRP strives to make the player do more work then just "buying and selling"
    on RuggedRP its more like "Buy - Make - Sell".

    A few features of Rugged RP

    The standard Darkrp mode has been completely stripped back, and re worked to better suit players looking to indulge and immerse themselves in a never seen before RP mode.

    In Rugged Roleplay, we have completely removed the "F4" Menu system 99% of Darkrp servers currently are stationed with. The removal of the "F4" menu forces the Player's to leave his/hers house or base, and go down the the Servers "Local Store" to buy the needed items. For example, you wanted to go get some Bitminers for you cool new house, you have to walk down the street, go up to the Store NPC and purchase one, you can then Inventory it and head home!

    This system we have put inplace, makes it less "AFK Farming" in the base, and also allows more Player to Player interaction.

    The "Q" menu has also been disabled, now you may be thinking "What the hell for? It plays a huge part in RP" I am quite aware of this, on RuggedRP you may still use props to build your cool house or base up! But you must go to the store NPC and purchase the required item you desire.
    This is also forcing Player's to go outside and get interactive with others.

    We understand new Mode's such as RuggedRoleplay can be very daunting for new Player's to understand the map, and how things work. Not to worry! We have added a Map for You to view if you are lost or need to work out where to go, all you have to do is hit the "M" key and everything is there for you.

    Another big part of RuggedRoleplay, is the Job system. Player's once again are made to get out of their house and go to the appropriate NPC Employer to acquire the desired job.

    You might be asking "Well how do Weapon Dealers get guns?" Quite simple, you are a Weapon dealer, yes! But you are also a Weapon manufacturer, you must buy the materials to craft the correct weapon you desire to sell, or use for shop defence.

    Thank you!

    I reall do want to thank You for taking the time to read this!

    I do encourage you to join and check out our new server, the Player base is low at the moment due to the server only being so very new. But thats why we need your help! Invite 2 friends on the server and we will reward you with 50k in-game money!

    We are also looking for experinced RP staff members to jump onboard.

    Add me on Steam if you have any questions.

    NEW RP MODE|RuggedRP|Crafting|Banking|Npc|Bitmining|More

    Connection Info

    CONTENT PACK! [https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1317457243]

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