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Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by BmanGames, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. BmanGames

    BmanGames New Member

    Welcome to OasisRP where we try to make the best non p2w server we can, what we have done is no jobs are "must pay 10 bucks for vip to be this job or 10 bucks for adv dupe 2". We were always mad that people would make you pay for things that were needed to play darkrp such as the adv dupe 2, why would you stay on a server that you can save your base on. Thats why we are making the best non p2w server we have seen out there

    We have loads of cool jobs and things you can do with more coming, we have the common things such as bitminers, meth, and printers. We are in the works to add more things and jobs to have the most fun you can have on a darkrp server, with just a little set of rules.

    So if you seem like you will like it join the server with the ip

    Or our discord

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