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Pandemonium RP -In Development-

Discussion in 'Community & Server introduction' started by |Zulu| Chris, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. |Zulu| Chris

    |Zulu| Chris New Member

    Title: Pandemonium RP
    IP: WIP
    Website: https://jrpgarza1996.wixsite.com/mysite - Just a showcase on what's going on, forums soon.
    Map: WIP

    Greetings! I'm currently in the works (+1) in creating a unique RP experience that's different from the rest and possibly the first RP server to have dynamic purpose. This server will introduce present a apocalypse setting, as well as PvP, and PvE in combinations nobody has dared to trek. After a couple of years of tinkering with the do's and don'ts, and making enough time, today is the commencement of our development. We will release into alpha down the road so players can help us in developing our community.

    Note: Any player that contributes their time, opinions, and ideas, as well as catching bugs throughout development will receive a specially made accessory item with a special effect. These items are priceless.

    Description: Present apocalyptic RP. You are literally fighting to survive. Upon starting, you are almost no match against mobs without a partner, so join in packs. Combat is fast-paced, you will always be on guard if you're not within shelter. Gameplay is one of the most important factors on this server. The more you play, the more you'll be compensated for. This goes with along with farming, PvE, PvPing, and even RPing (Doing your damn job). You will receive CRATES that relinquish items you can equip in our custom-made UI menu. Items range from weapons, to cool effect, to accessories, and even weapon tracers. All items received have rarities

    Rarities are as stated: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Unique. Items are only obtainable from CRATES.

    PVP: To keep PvP combat balanced, all damage to players is reduced. This conclusion will assimilate a fast-paced combat environment, for new and veteran players alike. If you further your progress, you will be able to create Unities (Gangs). There are territories in which you may capture to level your Unity, but beware, every area that contains a territory is a PvP zone, RDM does not come into play here. Leveling your Unity awards your teammates with passive benefits. PvP rewards players that kill other players ONLY in PvP zones with pvp-like currency, which then may be used to purchase special crates.

    PVE: After creating your fort, and teamed up. You're now ready to take on the legion of mobs that wait outside your base. You may defend or take the fight to the enemy. Mobs aren't your normal zombies that take a couple of shots to kill off. You will waste clips into most mobs, and that's if you're still teamed up. Various bosses randomly spawn around the map, these guys are not to be taken lightly. Every unique boss have their own special abilities. Depending on the boss, you might need 20+ players to take one down. Killing mobs and bosses reward players with decent cash and crates.

    RPing/Farming: Rping and farming have awards within themselves. If you do a specific job correctly, you will be rewarded. Farming cash allows the purchase of various crates. Self-explanatory.

    The Environment: Unless you're forted up, you will not get a break from the relentless mobs and hazardous environment. On occasions, crates will spawn around the map for your taking. Come prepared and end prepared. There are many many many more features that I have not brought up. Look forward to more. Add me on steam if you're interested to be part of the community! Or simply join our discord!!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/Qt3Y2DZ Lets build a community!

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